How dazzling are your eyebrows?

How dazzling are your eyebrows?

Asks Patricia Itaman

EYEBROW 8Defining your personality with your eyebrows seems the most trendy practice now.
Alluring eyebrows can be your fashion signature.
To perfect the act of shaping yours needs no special skills. Simply follow the six simple steps below. Here we go:

Six simple steps to your dream eyebrows

EYEBROW AEYEBROW B. Buy eyebrow pencil or filler that suits your skin colour , brush your eyebrows with mascara wand or eyebrow brush.

. Draw a slanted line just below your brows and draw another slanted line a little above your brows depending on how wide or slim you want your eyebrow shape.

. At the end of your pupil , mark your arch and outline desired eyebrow shape.

. Fill in the brows with your eye pencil or brow filler by using tiny strokes.

. Blend the strokes with mascara wand or eyebrow brush.

. Highlight the brows using highlighting brush and concealer to define eyebrows properly and bring out the shape neatly.

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