Smartviews showcases properties in Nigeria

Smartviews showcases properties in Nigeria

By Olaoye Ademola

As clothes make the man, and fine feathers make fine birds, so does good shelter define a man in terms of living and responsibility.

This probably explains why humans, from time immemorial have been so particular about their abodes. The first idea that occurs to a young man after securing a satisfactory employment is how to raise a family. And for this to be a reality, there must be a comfortable shelter, hence houses are necessities and not a matter of choice. Nobody wishes to marry and raise children on the street or in uncomfortable abodes like squatting with friends and relatives.

property lagos 2It is therefore, high time the property market was viewed in terms of its viability, though its volatility has been an issue of concern.

Just like the elementary lunch- time song that many of us memorized,

“Some have food, but cannot eat,

Some can eat but have no food…” Many families and business concerns have the wherewithal to purchase good properties for their families and businesses but don’t really know how to locate good ones in the property market.

Same goes for property handlers, who do not perfect their customer drive vigorously in order to write their corporate names in gold. This is just why Smartviews Magazine is going all out to identify with market leaders in the property business to bridge the gap between them and their prospective customers. This special focus on properties in Nigeria will therefore be in series and showcase the real property world as it operates in the country.


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4 Responses

  1. Victor Eremosel says:

    Nigeria houses are great.

  2. Bola afolabi says:

    Quite a well designed online magazine.
    Keep it up.
    But how about other Nigeran isses eg economy.

  3. Tricia says:

    Houses are necessities of human life but the good ones this days are very expensive to have.

  4. Appolonia Adeyemi says:

    Well done and do, keep it up!

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