Unemployment In Nigeria- The Way Forward

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  1. Peter says:

    My take on the issue:

    Please forward this to INEC:

    Election season is about to commence in Nigeria?
    Especially for the gubernatorial…
    .this should be scatered all over the four year period as it will help spread the wealth (common? original source )
    My premise:
    Next to football (Arsenal, Man -U etc Knowledge of which hardly puts food on anybody ‘s table in Nigeria) politics is our favourable past time.
    Given the unimaginable amount of money that exchanges hands, at least it will not just be seasonal.
    Pointer: Edo and Ondo States, we are told that private primary and secondary schools have now slowly started reopening as school fees are getting paid. Even the media houses have started paying backlog of areas!
    Inevitably, they will drag themselves to court. Judges and police, lawyers, SAN, harlots and girlfriends, penitentiary officers, arrangers and settlers will be taken care of. Not to be left out is the ubiquitous Aboki as money will have to be suddenly imported, even Guv. CBN will sleep well at night much more regularly as for good measure, dollar must crash in Nigeria.

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