Unemployment In Nigeria- The Way Forward


Unemployment In Nigeria- The Way Forward


AG 2Joblessness for employable youths and adults in Nigeria has become a festered sore that needs urgent attention. Addressing the issue in his motivational articles, is what prolific writer, OLAKUNLE AGBOOLA starts today in his Think-Tank, in Smartviews Magazine. Beneficial reading…BUHARI 3


AGUnemployment is one of the basic developmental challenges facing Nigeria at the moment. The International Labour Organization put the figure of unemployed youths at 73.4 million in 2013. It has however increased to 80.4 million in the year 2015. This is apparently a paradox. A situation whereby, there is a decade of strong real GDP of 6.5 per cent economic growth, and in the same period, unemployment rate continue to rise annually from 11.9 per cent in 2005 to 19.7 per cent in 2009, and over 37 per cent in 2013 . The apparent economic growth has not led to economic development. The rate of poverty is very high, the industries are still in shambles, technological development is still at rudimental stage, income inequality holds sway, lending credence to high mortality rate. Nigeria’s development index is still very low.

This situation is pathetic considering the fact that the country is blessed with a lot of human and natural resources which are capable of providing employment for the teaming youths but yet, Nigeria is still battling with growth and development . The quest for good leadership and corruption amongst many is one of the major problems hampering  growth and development in Nigeria. There is a need for fine-tuned knowledge and tactical approach if we are to get out of this woods of unemployment .

Poor educational system is also another problem, which has made most of our graduates onlookers rather than participants  in the 21st century of science technological development.  The earlier we under-study the academic curriculums that lacks the totality of education which is man-making the better for us or else we will be trapped in a small room of knowledge  and development. We can’t continue with the old method of teaching and mechanics of education and expect to grow as a nation or solve the problem of unemployment.

The essence of education is to build, train and prepare the youth for the future rather, we have confused and mortgaged the future of our youths with the poor system of education which has failed to define them with their uniqueness, creativity, talents and potentials . The idea of go to school, learn and come out to look for a job has killed a lots of potentials and entrapped some of our youths in a small room of thinking and creative development. We have to change our paradigm  with the focus on self- discovery and creative endowment of each child in the attainment of purpose, and job creation.

We will have to wake up to the reality of creating an enabling environment for job creation and sustainable growth. ‘Go to school to discover yourself and create a job’ ought to be the new paradigm while government do all to support small businesses by making basic amenities available for the teaming population. Government will have to sit up and create a large room of development so that children and children yet unborn can dream and live their dreams. Nigeria is rich and endowed with natural resources that  can go round the teaming population but it is a big deal if our leaders cannot see beyond now, and do away with corruption, selfishness, and greed.





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  1. Peter says:

    My take on the issue:

    Please forward this to INEC:

    Election season is about to commence in Nigeria?
    Especially for the gubernatorial…
    .this should be scatered all over the four year period as it will help spread the wealth (common? original source )
    My premise:
    Next to football (Arsenal, Man -U etc Knowledge of which hardly puts food on anybody ‘s table in Nigeria) politics is our favourable past time.
    Given the unimaginable amount of money that exchanges hands, at least it will not just be seasonal.
    Pointer: Edo and Ondo States, we are told that private primary and secondary schools have now slowly started reopening as school fees are getting paid. Even the media houses have started paying backlog of areas!
    Inevitably, they will drag themselves to court. Judges and police, lawyers, SAN, harlots and girlfriends, penitentiary officers, arrangers and settlers will be taken care of. Not to be left out is the ubiquitous Aboki as money will have to be suddenly imported, even Guv. CBN will sleep well at night much more regularly as for good measure, dollar must crash in Nigeria.

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