Hilly heels ‘heal’ height complex

Hilly heels ‘heal’ height complex

By Dupe Olaoye-Osinkolu


GALAXY J7 1058GALAXY J7 1062Your friends and lover are so tall that walking in their midst give you some sort of height complex? And you really wish to grow taller? You don’t have to worry, for many are indeed in your shoes. Footwear manufacturers must have taken ladies’ heights into consideration in most of their designs.

GALAXY J7 1054In that area of fashion, ladies seem to have an edge over the men. Imagine a man putting on a six- feet -high wedge, pencil or stiletto shoes! Did you say, laughable? Don’t be too sure. The unfolding fashion creations have a lot to show everyone, irrespective of age, gender, class and race.

There is no disputing the fact, however, that ladies are getting the full attention of footwear manufacturers at the moment. In vogue are so many attractive designs. A melange of different creations. From cool, to hot, and melodramatic! GALAXY J7 1051

For those GALAXY J7 1049 GALAXY J7 1056who feel like reducing their height, there are beautiful slip-on shoes and sandals to the rescue. No matter the height or taste, the 21st century footwear makers are thriving in exquisite designs.



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  1. Pat says:

    well said , high heel shoes are so much in vogue for all ladies , both short and tall ladies wear high heel shoes for different reasons best known to them . As for me i love high heel shoes.

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