Leaders’ families are the root of corruption, says Sheik Lahaola who predicted Nigeria’s recession

Leaders’ families are the root of corruption, says Sheik Lahaola who predicted Nigeria’s recession

SHEIKLast year before the presidential elections, he predicted that Muhammadu Buhari would win and become Nigeria’s President, but over-taxation, hunger and starvation would be the order of the day during his rule. Smartviews Magazine sought audience with him at the weekend. Below is the story of Sheik Alhaji Abdul-Azeez Lahaola, Onida Adua, as written by Dupe Olaoye-Osinkolu.


Locating the mosque, hidden behind a massive blue and white gate at Ogun Oloko street, Mafoluku, Oshodi, did not pose any difficulty. Visitors only need to ask anyone in the neighbourhood, and they would be directed to Lahaola, Onida Adua’s mosque. It is a mecca of sorts. People were always there seeking prayer assistance. He holds all night prayer every Fridays and people thronged his mosque. Many of his followers claimed to be identifying with popular Islamic cleric, Sheik Alhaji Abdul-Azeez Lahaola, Onida Adua because of his past predictions that came to pass.

The soft-spoken Sheik who predicted the Gulf war, former President Shagari’s ouster, late Chief Moshood Abiola’s arrest and death in detention,former president Ibrahim Babangida’s stepping aside    among other things that had come to pass, delved into the roots of the cankerworm that has eaten so deep into the fabric called Nigeria.

Lahaola traced the roots of Nigeria’s identified problem of corruption to the family and oppression of the rich. He said that if families would  change their views about governance,and the rich and powerful be selfless, Nigeria’s problems would be solved.

He noted that pressures from families as they make ridiculous demands from elected and appointed government officials always make them corrupt. Some relatives, according to Lahaola, insist their people in government must build houses, buy expensive cars for them in return for their support while he or she was seeking the position. He added that the rich also believe Nigeria is about them, the struggling masses do not exist.

Fielding questions from Smartsview Magazine, the cleric, who also predicted last year that Muhammadu Buhari would be elected President but over-taxation, hunger and starvation would be the order of the day during his rule, however said God told him Nigeria would be delivered from the oppressors. He added that Nigeria will pull through the current recession if Nigerians change their attitude towards material wealth and offer sincere prayer to God.

Lahaola said what the country needs is prayer-healing, power of prayer the type that delivered biblical Job from his many afflictions.

“We need to pray because of the magnitude of our sins. God said we shall eat from our sweat, but today, nobody wants to work or sweat. Everyone wants to be rich overnight. The family accounts for 90 percent of the prevalent corruption because once their relative is elected or appointed into government, family members start to dictate their needs and compel him or her to do them or they would withdraw their support.”

He stressed that human beings are destined to work for their money because our fore fathers in the Bible and Quran worked.

“God created us to work after the disobedience of our first parents, Adam and Eve. The first profession is farming. Cain was the first farmer. Noah was the first carpenter and Ibrahim, the first briccklayer. I wonder why people have turned against God’s plan for us by seeking to get rich without working.”

On terrorism, the Sheik said terrorists should not claim to be muslim because Islam promotes peace. Any blood-letting or civil disturbance cannot be from believers in Allah because Islam is for peace.

“But for the mercy of God, Nigerians sought for war through their behaviour, but God did not allow it to happen because of intercessors, those who pray night and day for the country. God said he would deliver Nigeria from the oppressors and our economy will still be buoyant.” he said

Lahaola said because of his belief in the power of prayer, he has produced 15 Islamic teaching tapes, and written 51 prayer books.




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