Lovelock: How potent is that padlock?


Dupe Olaoye-Osinkolu

Love makes the world go round, so goes the saying. Little wonder therefore, the effect of true love on lovers!

In the United Kingdom, the ancient practice of lovers locking their love in padlocks to seal it forever is in vogue. The question however is how potent are the official lovelocks? The love padlocks are specially designed in such a way that they cannot be opened or locked twice. An advertisement by a Lovelock shop described the lock as being unique as it locks one time only, and therefore requires no key. Imagine a padlock without a key! This means that once your love is locked, it is locked forever. The lovelocks convey binding messages, ‘Forever’. ‘Till eternity’ etc.

Lovelocks are said to be inspired by an ancient Chinese tradition in which lovers say their wish concerning their love into a padlock, lock it onto a chain or gate and throw the key into the misty valley, for their love to last till the end of time.

There are many lovelock sites across Europe. Many believe it is

PHOTOS By Dorah Osas

PHOTOS By Dorah Osas

the best that can happen to their love and relationship while others feel it is not the way to go. Ann Wilberforce, a nurse in London said it is not necessary for Christians to lock their love since Christ is love and one should not prove to be wiser than God. Ann, a spinster however said if her future husband wants it that way, she might be forced to do it for his sake.

Yemisi Abdul, a London based Nigerian said it works for those who believe in it. “Whatever you believe in, works for you. It depends on your belief. Lovers derive much fun and joy from it. The only thing that can break such a sealed relationship is unfaithfulness. If couples remain faithful to each other, even if they don’t seal their love with a lock, it will stand the test of time”.

Funso Martins is a banker. She lives in Lagos. She laughed long and hard, before responding to Smartviews Magazine’s questions. She said, “What we hear is that in some other climes, people lock their perceived adversaries’ good fortunes in padlocks and throw into the sea, valley or wherever. That is wickedness and so unacceptable… but if love is locked for the purpose of making it last till eternity, why, sure, I love that. How I wish I can convince my husband to let us tow that line!

Paul Idowu, a Computer Scientist simply said, “Locking your love is great. I am going to do it. It won’t only give me joy and fulfilment, it will also give me and my wife peace of mind.”



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7 Responses

  1. Tricia says:

    wow, this is interesting , locking love in a padlock to last forever. very funny.

  2. pat says:

    Are you serious , padlocked love in order to stay forever? i don,t believe that such is potent to keep love intact . its can’ t stop the unfaithful partner from his or her unfaithfulness

  3. Seun says:

    So.. Oyinbos too her superstitious after-all lol

  4. Omoba says:

    Hmmmm, wonders shall never end. Locking love in padlock? Seriously its funny but i dont believe in such…. For example, If you do the padlock thing but keep nagging or portraying any bad behaviour in d relationship and your spouse is fed up, wont he/she walk out? Will d padlock then do magic? naaah jor………..

  5. Omoba says:

    Someone can even make money with such padlock in naija especially in this recession time

  6. Bisi says:

    Really, don’t believe the potency of such practise .

  7. Bimbo says:

    Love is ordained by God so therefore i dnt believe in such padlocking of love to last forever

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