Lovelock: How potent is that padlock?

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7 Responses

  1. Tricia says:

    wow, this is interesting , locking love in a padlock to last forever. very funny.

  2. pat says:

    Are you serious , padlocked love in order to stay forever? i don,t believe that such is potent to keep love intact . its can’ t stop the unfaithful partner from his or her unfaithfulness

  3. Seun says:

    So.. Oyinbos too her superstitious after-all lol

  4. Omoba says:

    Hmmmm, wonders shall never end. Locking love in padlock? Seriously its funny but i dont believe in such…. For example, If you do the padlock thing but keep nagging or portraying any bad behaviour in d relationship and your spouse is fed up, wont he/she walk out? Will d padlock then do magic? naaah jor………..

  5. Omoba says:

    Someone can even make money with such padlock in naija especially in this recession time

  6. Bisi says:

    Really, don’t believe the potency of such practise .

  7. Bimbo says:

    Love is ordained by God so therefore i dnt believe in such padlocking of love to last forever

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