Ooni set to rebrand ANTP

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  1. Adejola Akinjola says:

    Ooni has said well.

    The problem that our traditional rulers and indeed the Yoruba elders
    have is that they are totally disconnected with the wishes, aspirations
    and especially the needs of the indigenes.

    Nigeria as a country is regularly described as a wealthy nation. The people however on the average are extremely poor.

    There are several ways in which the Yoruba traditional Institutions
    can help the indigenes, especially our traditional rulers, the
    stakeholders, the government and the news media.

    Take Osun State for example:

    Ooni is doing the right thing via his visit to the USA re his activities there.

    This is his own unique way of promoting tourism. In the case of Osun, there
    are already lots of interest generated through the activities of Ooni
    Ogunwusi’s predecessors.
    Others are-
    . The ANTP (Nollywood) through their various drama (although there is serious need for improvement beyond the current ad-hoc promotions)

    Especially for the African Tradition movies, there is the need to
    translate dub or translate them to Brazilian and other Latin American languages since that is where they have huge potential audience

    * Susan Wenger Alarape did her bit.

    * Governor Aregbesola is also doing his.

    * Late Tayo Situ, past Mayor, London Borough of Southwark, London, UK.

    He ensured that during his tenure, Osun State and environs became a
    ‘tween community’ with London Borough of Southwark. Governor Raufu
    Aregbesola came to Southwark Town Hall at Tooley Street to sign the
    document. BUT what has anybody done with it?

    Associating Osun State with Southwark has potential values especially in terms of tourism for both communities.

    To date, there are more worshippers of IFA in South America than in Nigeria.

    Several Americans, especially the Latinos that believe that they are of
    Yoruba origin are forever willing to visit Osun, their perceived root.

    For clever entrepreneurs, this is huge opportunity to make serious money- not just the once-in-a-year Osun Day as it is done for now.

    Most often than not, tourist attractions are essentially man- made,
    especially where there is a theme. In this case, Osun is the theme. So does Ile Ife.
    All sorts of artificial add- on can be put together that will ensure
    that visitors are kept occupied and have good enough reasons to always
    come back for more visits.

    My suggestions:

    TOURISM, but not in its present state.

    1. There is the need for ‘fresh money’ regularly into our local economy. Everyday tourist activities will ensure this.

    2. There is the need for regular interaction as this will improve our general outlook as how things are done elsewhere.

    We of course understand that there is the need for more
    infrastructure. BUT, lack of infrastructure in itself can be cleverly
    turned into serious tourist attraction:

    Unlike Nigerians that are for ever looking for comfortable environments,
    many of the westerners are forever attracted to things like

    ‘EXTREME SPORTS’. These are adrenaline pumping occupations

    These are a different class of tourists. They are the sort that would
    rather go to climb the highest mountains in this world without
    specialist equipment. They are always inquisitive just like Mongo Park,
    ‘Discover the source of River Niger or die in the process’. He did and
    died in the process of course.

    Take Venice, Italy for example. They have regularly ten million
    visitors annually. What has Venice got that Makoko, Lagos in Eti Osa,
    Lagos, Atijere in Ilaje, Eseodo have not got?

    If anything, both Maroko and Ilaje are much more organic, authentic than over-hyped Venice!

    How romantic would this read on any cleverly done advert brochure?

    Day 1-Visitors arrive in Lagos, Muritala Mohammed Airport and sleep overnight in 5 Star Hotels

    Day2- Visitors travel on a short helicopter flight from Lagos to
    Oshogbo, Osun State in helicopters either with a short stop at Ibadan,
    reputed to be the largest city in Africa where they are treated to the
    local gin – Ogogoro or Akpeteshi, grass cutter pepper soup dinner or fly
    directly to Oshogbo where they witness regular performance of chantings
    of the songs of Osun River people.

    There is also opportunity to watch live production of XYZ movie (one of the Nolly Wood Productions).

    Visitors are given the opportunity to experience first hand how to live
    and sleep in traditional environment, enjoy the best exotic drinks and
    food of the land or simply there well -accustomed Western diet.

    Electricity may not be available as part of the experience.

    For the more adventurous, there is always DAILY CANOE ROWING
    supply of Heineken Beer (whatever lager is brewed locally there).

    Finally, let us appreciate that whoever goes on holidays goes to spend money.

    So there will be several ‘take away’ souvenirs.

    In Venice, the Municipality taxes every visitor i think about ten dollars a night.

    Imagine what amount the government will earn, not to talk about local businesses etc.

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