We’ll vote Obaseki to appreciate Oshiomole

Ogbeson community

As a mark of appreciation to the Edo state Governor, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole, for his intervention in reclaiming the gully erosion-ravaged areas of Ogbeson community, the leadership of the community has promised to massively vote for the candidate of the All Progressives Congress, Mr Godwin Obaseki in the governorship election in the state, this Saturday.

The Community which presented an award of commendation to Governor Adams Oshiomhole and endorsed the governorship candidate of the APC, Mr. Godwin Obaseki as their candidate for the September 10, governorship election in Edo State said they will support the Governor as they will never forget how he saved them from consumed by the gully erosion.

Enogie of Ogbeson, HRH Prof. Aduwa Ogiegbaen who spoke for the community said “I want to say that the people of Ogbeson love you, they appreciate what you have done. We will support all the way in whatever you are doing. We are sitting here today because of you. We couldn’t stand here three years ago, let alone sitting down. Those who didn’t see what happened here in the previous years will not appreciate what happened here – the devastation, the trauma and the difficulties our people went through for several years before you came. This community has benefitted immensely from your government. A lot of people lost their properties, lost their lives, and today, we are looking at this place.

“There was a church here where these people are standing now, and that church went down. My uncle’s house was here, he was buried here. The house and the grave were swept away. So, we are here to appreciate you. I tell you that we cannot forget what you have done in Ogbeson, and words will not be enough to express our appreciation for what you have done here. Your antecedent is something that nobody will forget in Edo State, even those who are not appreciating what you have done, they know within their minds that you have done a lot.

“There has been no governor like you in this state. I make bold to say that, and if there is anybody who thinks they have out-performed you, let them come out. Nobody. In terms of road construction and development, you flew high. You are still flying. In terms of education, you excelled. In terms of health care delivery, look at the edifice on Sapele Road, the Central Hospital there. We are looking forward to the day that hospital will be opened. You have given the best to health tourism to Edo State. And you have assured us that you are going to equip it with state-of-the-art health facilities, and we take your word for it. Thank you very much.”

The Ogiegbaen said his people have interacted with Obaseki over the years and could vouch for him that he will not disappoint the community. They therefore promised to vote massively for him.

The Obasogie of Benin, Chief Eduwu Ekhator also commended Oshiomhole. “This gentleman, since he came, words are inadequate to even enumerate what he has done. He took the bull by the horn and he sourced for funds. He got it from all angles to the extent that the source he got the money from call him after that and said we are giving you another seventy-five million dollars, they were impressed with the way you utilized the first one. I think it is this that motivates this community, that motivates every person, that we gather here today to say, well done.”

He continued, “We have decided to put on record our signature. It is on this honour and this very regard without wasting words that we have collectively, on behalf of our children and fathers that are not here present to distinguish this gentleman, to give him a certificate of award.”

Elated by the kind word and the award given him, Governor Oshiomhole said, “I am very humbled listening to those comments. Let me thank you, your royal highness; My Lord Most Reverend Father Ofere and Chief Ekhator for the joint certificate that you presented me. This is a unique certificate that is enough to compensate for the case that was in court when the PDP argued that I didn’t go to school. Today, I have got the privilege to receive a certificate signed by a traditional ruler, signed by a Catholic Reverend Father and signed by a very senior palace chief. These combinations are rare. I am humbled. I am very humbled and I want to thank you for the honour.”

He said, “We knew we had been denied federal support. We didn’t have the money in our pocket. But I also insisted that my task is not to lament to the people of this community. The task of government is to get things done, not to join the people to wallow in self-pity and lamentation. The government is about what is possible, not what is not possible. And we went to work and did some designs, got the World Bank to look at the designs, sent it to Washington and got approval in principle, but we had to make our counterpart funding before we attract the World Bank grant. And one is a precondition for the other. Without we paying the counterpart funding, the Bank was not going to oblige the difference. We raised the money, and the Bank augmented the money. There is not one dime of the Federal Government in this project.”

Oshiomhole noted, “This is the evidence that God answers prayers when they are offered honestly by his people who are in genuine need, and that is the story of this place. I am happy that it is now a completed project. I am happy that the people can now drive from there to here.

He added, “And so, with the endorsement of the community leaders as represented by the Enogie, Godwin will continue. The next election in Edo State is important for us. A clear choice between two parties that have governed this state, one for ten years and one for seven and half years. These two candidates, one has been a Secretary to the State Government and the other one chairman of the economic team under the APC, and it is on the basis of their pedigree that our people should decide whether to build on current gains and continuity or to put on reverse the records of where we are coming from. I pray that the courageous endorsement by the Enogie on behalf of the community, which also carries with it the sentiments of our ancestors, may God guide our people not only to vote for consolidation but to vote for continuity and vote for the advancement of the pace of our development for our great state.”

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  1. Adebayo Iyabo says:

    But Oba Seki has just been dressed to court over certificates forgery. Can they vote for a disqualification can did are, should it get to that level?

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