We have many cases of undiagnosed Endometriosis in Nigeria – AURORA’s MD

…  Says AURORA Fertility Centre helps find Egg Donors


Research has shown that there are so many undiagnosed cases of Endometriosis in Nigerian women.
Making this revelation recently was
AURORA’s Medical Director, Dr Edi-Osagie, whose core area of interest is Endometriosis, In Vitro Fertilization, IVF, Surrogacy,  Laparoscopic Surgery for Fibroids among others.
‘From experience, I discovered that a high proportion of our black women in United Kingdom suffer from reproductive health disorders like Endometriosis, Fibroids etc.
10percent of Manchester population are black and 50percent of my patients are black.
The result we get from IVF with women with the same parameters like same age, same ovarian issues, the results showed that black women tend to achieve poorest results in IVF in comparison with white women.”
“The consequence of this is that at menopause, we need to find Egg Donors who are also black. And we struggle to find Egg Donors over there.”
According to him, they started the service in Nigeria in order to help our women who need Egg Donors.
“The most important thing for us is to always ensure we do proper investigation and necessary research on what our clients will need or require among the various options like IVF, Surrogacy,, Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery for Endometriosis, Fibroids etc.
And we have also discovered that there is huge gap in providing quality reproductive healthcare services to our women in Nigeria.”

Dr Osagie left for United Kingdom in 1993 for his postgraduate studies. A gynaecologist of repute, who specialises in Reproductive Medicine and Surgery with the whole spectrum of reproductive health disorders, declared that the means to achieving success is to first and foremost find out what the problems are.
“The expertise is here in the country now. We utilise this Britannia hospital located in Lekki and other centres to carry out our services.”
‘We offer contemporary fertility, specialist gynaecology and andrology healthcare services that are cutting-edge yet affordable and individualistic.

Speaking on Endometriosis as something strange, AURORA’s MD said that’s very true to a large extent.  “I could remember that when I was in medical college in Nigeria, our professors used to tell us boldly in Lecture auditorium that Fibroids affects black women while Endometriosis is for white women.
But contrary to that assumption, we now know that black women also suffer from Endometriosis.
Unfortunately, we have many cases of undiagnosed Endometriosis in Nigeria.
Our women are really suffering and getting the wrong treatment due to wrong diagnosis.”

On why people should choose AURORA among others, he made it known that even in the United Kingdom where people are very sophisticated and always seek for the best, if you ask for a good Specialist Endometriosis Doctor, his name will be among the top five.

“I run the biggest Endometriosis Centre northwest of England with referrals from across the country.
We have the expertise and the skills are there. The wealth of experience we bring to bear on any case speaks for us.”

On affordability of services at AURORA

“For us, it’s not just the cost but the cost benefit of patronising us. Not that we are expensive but something might be expensive and give you the best of result.
Many of our patients might have gone through some of the procedures before but we need to take time to find out what are those things that are responsible for unsuccessful attempts.
At AURORA, we investigate those factors properly and give the best of advice that will work for our clients.”

Speaking on the challenges the centre is facing, Dr Osagie mentioned that not having uninterrupted electricity supply has been a huge burden because the equipments require constant electricity supply.
“We are looking forward to having those basic infrastructures like good roads, portable water, regular electricity supply, smooth transportation devoid of traffic congestion.”

Tackling stereotypes on IVF, Surrogacy, Egg Donors etc.

“We have been doing some sensitisation aimed towards creating awareness, educating people on Endometriosis in order to make them embrace these options that God has endowed humans with and we intend to do more.

Dr Osagie advised that if pregnancy isn’t coming easily, it may be time to get some expert help as Aurora Health Care fertility specialists are board-certified and offer a full range of services to those with fertility concerns, consistently achieving live birth rates above the national average.

“When you or your partner receive a fertility evaluation at our centers, our care providers consider your entire medical history when deciding what testing they need to do and which course of action will help you best realize your dream of parenthood.

“You have to balance many factors when thinking about fertility treatments: cost, pregnancy rates, the care team. Aurora offers them all.”

“All-inclusive pricing means you won’t be nickeled and dimed when it comes to creating your family. We know you’re making a huge investment, so we’ve put everything into our price. You don’t have to worry about extra expenses during treatment.”

According to him, their fertility specialists are OB-GYNs that have received an extra level of training in reproductive endocrinology.
“They are all board-certified by the Society for Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility. Our nursing team also specializes in fertility so you can count on expert care – from every team member, at every visit.”

Aurora offers the full spectrum of fertility services and treatments, including:

Donor sperm: We offer frozen donor sperm from a sperm bank to help achieve pregnancy.

Egg donation: You may need eggs from an egg donor if your eggs are not suitable for conception. Aurora offers egg donation services to help women conceive.

Embryo cryopreservation: Our specialists freeze extra embryos on days five and six after fertilization, using a rapid freezing process that hardens without ice crystal formation.

Fertility preservation counseling and services: If you wish to consider preserving your future fertility for personal reasons or before medical procedures such as cancer treatments that may compromise or eliminate your fertility potential, we may offer counseling and services, such as Sperm freezing, Freezing oocytes (eggs), Freezing embryos.

Frozen embryo transfer (FET): Our experts thaw frozen embryos to transfer to a woman’s uterus, coordinating the timing of the transfer with the woman’s ovulation cycle.

Gestational carrier: A woman volunteer carries a pregnancy for an individual (or couple) who wants to have a child.

Intrauterine insemination (IUI): We wash sperm of potentially toxic chemicals to keep them healthy. During ovulation, we place the sperm directly in the uterus, rather than the vagina, through a catheter inserted into your cervix.

Integrative Medicine: We offer a full range of integrative medicine approaches to fertility treatment.

In vitro fertilization (IVF): Using minimal stimulation or low dose stimulation IVF, we stimulate your ovaries to produce eggs. After collecting the eggs, we fertilize them with sperm in a laboratory dish. We then implant them back into your uterus.

Minimal Stimulation IVF: Different from traditional IVF, minimal stimulation IVF is much lower in overall cost. It’s far less invasive due to fewer office visits and fewer medication injections. There are also fewer eggs and embryos produced.
There’s an ongoing promo with 33.3% slash in consultation and scan fees.

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