Mischievous rumour: Who wants Dangote dead?

Mischievous rumour: Who wants Dangote dead?

Dupe Olaoye-Osinkolu

DANGOTEThe German online magazine, DW-Tv3’s breaking news on Nigeria business mogul’s fictitious death today was in very bad taste.

The news gained more ground and attracted much reaction as the writer spoke about confirmation by his family. People were already gathering in twos and threes wondering what could have happened to him. “The cause of his death is yet to be communicated to the media but his family confimed the news to German’s DW-TV3”, said the writer who also listed Mr Dangote’s  business concerns.

Nigerians however sighed with relief when the Chairman, Dangote Group, Aliko refuted the death rumour on Twitter. He reacted from Ghana. He said, “I am hale, hearty and alive.”


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