Tackle youth unemployment – TAME tells government

The Ahmadi Muslim Elders, TAME, has urged government to tackle youth unemployment with more seriousness as this has been a major drawback in our march towards real development and therefore should be confronted forcefully through proper technical training, moral re-orientation, financial aid, and educational empowerment.
This appeal was contained in a communique signed by Engr. AbdulWaheed Adeoye, Sadr, National President and Imran Bello, Secretary. Members of the Majlis Ansarullah (the Elders Forum of the world-wide Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at, Nigeria branch, at its 43rd annual National Ijtema (convention) held in Badagry on the theme: GLOBAL SECURITY: THE CRITICAL NEED OF THE TIME, called on government at all levels; federal, state and local, to do more in terms of creating viable employment opportunities for our teeming youths.
After intensive reflections and deliberation on the situation in Nigeria, the Elders’ council of the Islamic group equally urged Federal Government not to relent on its efforts in fighting corruption. “We firmly believe that this epidemic lies at the root of Nigeria’s underdevelopment, poverty, moral degradation, social and infrastructural decay. We therefore, implored the Federal and State governments to strengthen the various law enforcement agencies to fight the scourge and enact new laws to fortify existing ones so that the fans of corruption will have nowhere to hide.”
According to them, since pluralistic societies have the fertile potential for conflicts, and Nigeria being one of such, there is the critical need for formidable security of lives and property of the citizenry. The congregation urged government to invest more in human, technical, logistic and financial resources in the security apparatus of the country. Efforts should be diligently directed towards de-escalating cases of kidnapping, ritual killing, armed robbery and ethnic conflict.
The group equally viewed development of the agriculture sector as one the most potent tools of youth empowerment. It therefore called on government to increase the budget on agriculture, increase the provision of resources such as land for agriculture and improved seedlings in order to not only provide jobs on a massive scale for the populace, but to also improve the industrial, revenue, nutritional, and security potentials of the country.
As a support/contribution of the people of this country, the convention called on the adherents of all religions in the country to pray fervently to God, that He may improve the peace and security of Nigeria so that it may not be consumed by ethnic, social, and political conflagration.
The Convention prayed that Allah may guide our political leaders to steer the ship of our nation’s development to greater heights and stay corruption-free.

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