We are grateful to Humanity First for giving us clinic, schools, borehole – Oke-Ogun communities

 It has been a heart full of gratitude and galore of commendations from the people of Okooko, Igbo Oruwo at Oke Ogun areas of Oyo State of Nigeria to Humanity First Nigeria for provisions of Clinic, Borehole and School to these communities.

The Humanity First Nigeria, an international humanitarian non-governmental organisation with support from its counterpart from Canada recently inaugurated three projects in Oyo State, Southwest Nigeria.

Speaking during the event, the Amir, Head Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat, Nigeria, Dr Mashuud Fasola, thanked Almighty Allah for assisting Humanity First to site the clinic and the borehole at such a remote place and said the international humanitarian group, exhibits the ‘Rahmaniya’ attribute of Allah.

The projects were the Humanity First Clinic and borehole located at Okooko and Humanity First Nursery and Primary school sited at Igbo Oruwo.

The chairman, Humanity First Nigeria, Dr Yaqeen Habeeb called on the people of the village to support the staff of the clinic and to secure the project against vandalism. He informed them that whatever would  be charged for service and for drugs  would be so minimal  and affordable by the peasant farmers who dominate the village.

Also speaking on these projects. the General-Secretary of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat, Nigeria, Mr Abass Iromini stated that it was yet another success story for Humanity First world-wide in general and Humanity First Nigeria in particular, as four different projects were commissioned within two days at remote locations of Oyo State in Nigeria.

Barrister Ashmowi Raji gave a narration of how Ahmadiyya was established in a nearby town called Igbo Oruwo and how he was posted there in 1994. The International Association of Ahmadi Architects and Engineers, IAAAE, had sited solar power energy at Okooko as there was no light or power there at all.

The Clinic has a pharmacy, a ward, a labor/delivery room, an injection room, a consulting room among other facilities measures about 30 x 50 in dimension. “It was a joyous day for us as a people in a remote village because the clinic was the first of its type. The nearest Clinic is about twenty kilometers away. Hence,  we are quite happy about this.”

Barrister Raji made it known that the borehole was the major attraction to the community. “They have no access to water except the stream which passes through the village. The stream is always dirty because of multiple uses. When the borehole was sunk and they fetched water free of charge, the elation and joy displayed was unimaginable.

Speaking at the event, one of the guests, Alhaji Dapo Yusuf, and chairman Oyo State Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs, thanked Humanity First for coming to site such two humanitarian projects in a place so forgotten like Okooko and urged the people of the village to make good use of the facility. He remembered how he always watched spiritual head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, Hazrat Masroor Ahmad, Khalifatul Masih V, inauguration of laudable projects across the world.

He commended Humanity First for coming to such a remote place which was a sign that Allah did not forget the people of the village. And prayed for Allah’s assistance for the sponsor of the project.

The Chief Imam of Ijio, a nearby town, Ustaz Nurudeen Shittu also commended Humanity First and said what has been done was the real jihad that would touch people’s lives positively. He urged all Muslims to support the projects.

“A volunteer medical doctor, Dr Nurudeen Akindele would be in charge of the clinic for a few weeks until competent hands would be employed to take charge of the Clinic.”

Shortly after the inauguration of the clinic, Amir and his entourage officially opened some classroom blocks of the Humanity First Nursery and Primary School.

Humanity First Nigeria gave the pupils free uniforms and exercise books. The king of the town appreciated the donation and urged the villagers to send their wards to take advantage of the facility.

The Education Secretary, who represented the Local Government Chairman, said the project would free the children from future slavery.

The four plots of land on which one the schools was built was donated by Alhaji Rasheed Oladepo.

Over 50 people witnessed the events including ,  the Amir, Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat , Nigeria, Dr Mashhud Adenrele Fashola, the Chairman Humanity first Nigeria, Dr Abdul Yaqeen Habeeb, the vice chairman, Barrister Alatoye Abdul Azeez, the king of the town, Alhaji Saubana Raji. Also in attendance was the Sadr Majlis Ansarullah Nigeria, Alhaji Abdul Waheed Adeoye, the Head Women group, (Sadr Lajna Imaillah), Sister Thawfeeqah Aderoju Fagbolade, Maulana Zikrullah Ayyuba, the General Secretary of the Jamaat, brother Abbas Iromini and many other dignitaries.

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