Cleano and neighbours

Cleano and neighbours

By Dupe Olaoye-Osinkolu


Cleano is a little boy.

His neighbour and best friend is Soapy,

A little smart girl.

They are always together.

That is Cleano’s mother’s wish.

His momma is so hard on their neighbours,

Dirto and Germy.

She always want Cleano to be with Soapy.

She calls him a worthy friend.

“Mama, can’t I also play with Dirto?”

Cleano asked his momma.

“My dear child “, she said,

“Do you want to stay in school,

And excel in your studies?

Yes, mama, Cleano nods his little head.

“Do you also want to enjoy your food,

Without losing appetite ?”

Or you want to face the nurse’s syringe and needle,

As you take the injection,

To restore your health,

Cleano shakes his head, looking directly at his momma.

“Then avoid Dirto because of his filthiness.

If you play with Dirto, you will be visited by Germy.

That can mean several days of poor health,

And visits to the doctor,

Which I know you detest so much. ”

Dirto and Germy are so bitter.

Because they cannot play with Cleano.

But Cleano thinks his momma is right.

Dirto is always dirty, with filthy hands and grimy face.

While Germy feeds on Dirto’s filth.

Dirto’s momma saves no money,

As doctors always attend to her child,Dirto.

Cleano tells Soapy, we should pay attention to parents and teachers,

When they say ‘Cleanliness is next to Godliness ‘.


This story teaches little children the importance of Cleanliness. Teachers, parents and guardians can use this story to point out the harmful effect of germs on children. Let the children know that the only way to avoid germs-induced sickness is to wash their hands after every use of the toilet, and every contact with dirt.

Questions can be asked on how to use soap for personal hygiene. How to regard dirt and dirty environment as enemy of their wellbeing. How to stay clean even in the absence of their parents and guardians.


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  1. Akinade says:

    what a lovely piece, every caring mother should read this to her child from time to time

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